Portable F shape manual acrylic bender

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Product nameAcrylic heat Bending Machinery F shape  manual acrylic bender

Product number: NESO102

Voltage: 220v

Power: 150w

Weight: 0.38KG

Packing Size: 30*21*5CM

Type: 150MM heating tube

Main uses: Mainly used for all kinds of thermoplastic material bending angle and softening!

Applicable materials widely, such as acrylic, Plexiglas’s plate, PVC materials and Various thermoplastic materials. suitable for channel letter making and acrylic letter angle bending . 

Bending material:  Acrylic /PVC/PS sheet (thickness 1.5-4mm & height 0-13mm)


1. Double heating rods can soften the two sides at the same time, which improves the bending efficiency greatly

2. Heating rods with constant temperature helps to decrease the smell and smoke caused by high temperature

3. The bender with shape L, and it vertical to the acrylic sheet, which makes it easy to do the heating and bending

Usage method:

The same word strake and strake and strake on both sides of the iron on the edge of the heating, the two heating rods are respectively in the edge, such as edge folded inward, the inner heating rods attached to the ironing (heating rod at the bottom of the attached to the edge, the upper part of the left about 1.5mm), such as edge fold outward, the lateral heating rods attached to the edge ironing (heating rod at the bottom of the attached to the edge, the upper left about 1.5mm), bending operation, will always be on the side of the heating rod is attached to the edge, burn marks, the edge of the other side is smooth and straight mm thick edge of the heating time about 9-11 seconds, took off the iron, the edge fold to and literal stroke angle can be.

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