Handheld Edge Grinding Polishing Tool for Metal Channel Letters, AC 220V Voltage

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Voltage 220V, Power 260W, rotating grinding with abrasive strip, 2m Power Wire, regulated speed


• Grind and polish metal and non-metal products by applying with abrasive strip of a high-speed movement.

• Easy to operate and could polish smaller small-opening and sharp-corner.

• Hard to splash,  the post-grinded areas are smooth and flat which would be easy to process in the step of polishing treatment.

• Dynamic drive, regulated six-speed design, more suitable, could satisfy the demand of various products.

• Abrasive strip is easy to dismounting and safe. Consumable is reasonable and usage cost is low.

Method of application:

1.Connect with power adapter first, turn on and turn off machine see if there is a problem. Choose different types of abrasive strip in according to different products. According to the principle of grinding from thick to thin and use 80# and 300# respectively.

2.Angle modulation: From 0 -15°degree based on the working condition.

3.Speed modulation: Could adjust from 0-15° based on the working condition Demounting method of abrasive strip: 

Force hardly to put grinding bit back, then abrasive strip would be loosely to take out. Take out of used abrasive strip before installation and adjust new abrasive strip to right position, press locking button and abrasive strip will be tight.

Package Includes: 

One grinding machine

One power adapter

Three abrasive paper


This product’s voltage is 220V and is exporting to the areas applying 220V voltage, first-class quality. Product would be burnt if the voltage is more than the specified voltage.

Wear protective glass before operating, for preventing eyes.

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