Metal Letters Bending Tool for 3D Channel Letters (Enhanced Version), 110V

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For metal edge bending of stainless steel, galvanized steel, acrylic and other material letters less than 10cm height      

• Metal Word Slotting Machine, metal strip Bender is mainly used for metal edge bending of Metal letter.
• The motor of this new version metal bender is replaced by a new enhanced one, which is more powerful and durable. 
• Also, some modifications in detail are made according to the customer feedbacks.
• We believe this product will be welcome by vast number of users and popularized fast as well as make great contribution to advertising making and decoration industry.


• Simple design, economical and practical, small and portable, simple and quick operation;
• Not affected by space limitation, easy to learn and master, and can make minimization, effect optimization and benefit maximization;
• It greatly saves time and energy, and with low consumption at same time;
• Adopting imported motor, durable and energy saving, and its power consumption is just one fifth of CNC groover.
 This product can groove stainless steel, titanium, steel sheet, iron sheet, aluminum, Acrylic Board, pvc board, etc.
 Limit screw makes it easy to adjust the depth of bit.
justable screw on balance support can facilitate to different surface of workbench.


• Several times faster than numerical control slotting machine, greatly saves time.
• Replaced with superior large power motor, effectively solved power shortage problem and easy burning trouble of old machine motor.

Used for:

The metal bender is suitable for less than10cm height metal strip, like stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, acrylic, etc. Each bit can open about 150-200 tank according to different material.


1. For lettering tools, please choose original product and keep far from the cheap copied one! The bits are consumable, so please purchase more for spare use! 
2. The bits are vulnerable, and could be damaged differently depending on different materials it bears with. Each bit can make about 200 grooves individually. 

1. According to requirement of plate, adjust the height of bit edge and check the depth of plate, and then tighten the collet;
2. Push spindle bar to shuttle tank;
3. Hold the plastic handle by left hand, clamp plate properly, and move it to the required slot position;
4. Hold the motor by left hand, utilize the guideway shuttling up and down to groove.

For first users, it is required to make proper adjustments according to strip thickness and material, and it may take a while to manipulate.

The product is suitable for use in advertising, metal word production, acrylic word production, decoration technology and 
other fields.

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